How To Overcome A Fear Of Doctors

Doctors have a wide ranging remit. They can examine near enough any part of your body – they’ll likely leave your teeth to the care of your dentist, but that’s about the only thing that’s off limits to a doctor. So it’s not exactly unnatural to be worried about a visit to your doctor. Here are some tips to help you overcome How to Overcome a Fear of Doctors.

Pinpoint Your Feardhbhdb hd

There are likely to be lots of parts making up your fear of doctors. It could be a fear of the unknown because you don’t know what they’re going to diagnose. Or it could white coat syndrome, where you’re worried about the power exerted by a stranger over the next part of your life. A fear of doctors could also be related to a fear of needles, even though it’s more likely to be a nurse who is wielding that sharp object than the physician themselves.

If you can split your fear up into these parts, it’s easier to tackle each one individually, chipping away at the edges of your phobia until it vanishes.

Decide Whether Visiting Your Doctor Is Worse Than Not Visiting Them

If you’ve just got a tickle in your throat or something else that could be cured or lessened by a visit to your local pharmacy, there’s not likely to be much need to visit your doctor. Although the usual caveat of “if symptoms persist” applies here just as much as it does elsewhere.

But if your symptoms aren’t something that your friendly neighbourhood pharmacist can deal with then you’ll have to pluck up the courage and book an appointment with your family doctor.

Bring A Friend

gsvsgsvsUnless your visit to your doctor is something that is very embarrassing (and there could well be a clinic you can visit for that!), then bring a friend to the appointment with you. You can chat with them on the journey and pass the time of day in the waiting room when the booked appointment time comes and goes without calling your name.

Your friend should be understanding – ideally, you don’t want to bring someone who is going to make your fear of doctors even worse – but strict enough not to let you back out of the appointment at the last minute. Hopefully, they won’t need to frog march you from reception to the actual doctors’ room. But if that’s likely to be your reaction then a couple of strong-armed friends may be a way to overcome your fear, at least for a short time.

Use Hypnosis

Fear tends to lurk in our minds in the most unlikely places. And using a hypnotist or a downloadable hypnosis MP3 to sort out your fear of doctors could at least take the edge off your nervousness enough to allow you to make the visit happen.