Taking care of your health during menopause

With the advent of age, all women have to go through the menopausal stage. Also known as a “change of life”, it is something that comes naturally. Most of the time, females who reach their 40’s stop getting their monthly period. One who does not get her menstruation for a year is already considered menopause and she can no longer bear a child or give birth. This can affect a woman emotionally, mentally, and physically. Some of them even have to deal with depression.

So, how can a woman take care of her health during menopause? Read on and find out more.

Women’s health during menopause

Menopause can be a dramatic time in every woman’s life, and it may take a couple of years to get through. You can expect a lot of physiological and psychological changes. Hot flashes and mood swings are common. A female may feel irritable and depressed too.


One of the biggest changes that occur in a female during this stage is that the estrogen level in her body decreases. There will be changes in the bones, hair, breasts, vagina, and urinary habits. The breasts will lose their firmness and start to sag. As for the vagina, you will notice thinning of its walls. Therefore, it loses its elasticity, and there will also be a decrease in lubrication. This results to a loose vagina.

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How to take care of your body

Pamper yourself

Like what was mentioned earlier, the menopausal stage can bring stress and affect your mood. So, to keep the stress out of your mind, you should pamper yourself. You can go to the salon once in a while and get a new hairdo, have your nails done, get a massage or a foot spa.


Another way to relieve stress is to exercise regularly. You can do a light workout, or you can also start practicing yoga as it is quite relaxing. You can go for aerobic exercises too which are good for your overall health.

To help you take care of your vaginal health, practice Kegel exercises every day. This type of workout will strengthen your vaginal walls and muscles.

Eat healthy foods

hgdhg64Fruits and vegetables are a must for everyone since they are rich in nutrients. You also need to make sure that you visit your doctor on a regular basis and use supplements if needed.