Various cosmetic surgeries that you should know

The time is moving fast and so is the world spinning around it. With the progressions in almost every field, we can see vast advancements in the field of beauty and fashion. To maintain their social circle and status, women never back down to opt new procedures which keep them on looking younger, fresher and more beautiful. Counting our study down to demographics, it can be easily observed that plastic and other cosmetic surgeries are quite a lot trending among the women fashion.

There is a variety of things a cosmetic surgery can do. It does tighten your skin and face muscles, improve your looks, adds or removes hair to your skin and much more. It just depends on the cosmetic surgery type you are opting for. Apart from use in fashion, cosmetic surgery is used by doctors for various medical treatments. It is used to replace a certain body part and to repair scars from surgery. Mentioned below are some of the very common cosmetic surgeries have a read.

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation includes all the procedures which include the change in shape or size of the breasts. If you are going for the increase in the size of the breast, that procedure is mostly called as breast implant surgery. Breast lifts or breast reduction are some other procedures and do not exactly match the breast augmentation.



This is a gentle procedure which is used for the improvement in the quality of skin by technically cutting down the upper layer of skin. As the healing procedure begins, the new layer of skin replaces the old one. This ends up by leaving the person with a smoother and fresher looking skin. It is mostly used to fix acne scars, age spots, sun-damaged skin, and wrinkles.


A facelift is another type of cosmetic surgery for the skin. It is used to fix the sagging, broken, loose or wrinkled skin on the face. This includes many other processes to repair the skin which is mainly lifting of facial tissues, removal of rough skin and replacement of the skin by other contoured colors. This procedure automatically follows the neck lifts as a result.


If you are thinking to repair or restructure your skin, rhinoplasty is the right skin treatment for you then. For the people who do the rhinoplasty, they mostly do it for the cosmetic reasons. Mostly do it for medical reasons if they are facing any sort of difficulty in breathing or other respiration problems.


The common use of this procedure is to restructure your nose shape, amend the nose size, repair the problems caused as a result of any injury, improve the breathing problems and to narrow down the shape of the nostrils.

Lip augmentation

You will come across many of the celebrities who have done this surgery to reshape their lips. This is mostly done to increase the size of the lips to a look of fuller lips. This is done to increase the volume of the lips or to give them a different shape than the ordinary ones. Please note that this process is not permanent and the highest it lasts is six months. One has to go for the second procedure as well to keep it maintained.


Taking care of your health during menopause

With the advent of age, all women have to go through the menopausal stage. Also known as a “change of life”, it is something that comes naturally. Most of the time, females who reach their 40’s stop getting their monthly period. One who does not get her menstruation for a year is already considered menopause and she can no longer bear a child or give birth. This can affect a woman emotionally, mentally, and physically. Some of them even have to deal with depression.

So, how can a woman take care of her health during menopause? Read on and find out more.

Women’s health during menopause

Menopause can be a dramatic time in every woman’s life, and it may take a couple of years to get through. You can expect a lot of physiological and psychological changes. Hot flashes and mood swings are common. A female may feel irritable and depressed too.


One of the biggest changes that occur in a female during this stage is that the estrogen level in her body decreases. There will be changes in the bones, hair, breasts, vagina, and urinary habits. The breasts will lose their firmness and start to sag. As for the vagina, you will notice thinning of its walls. Therefore, it loses its elasticity, and there will also be a decrease in lubrication. This results to a loose vagina.

On Better Body HQ, you will see tips on how you can maintain or restore the youthfulness of your lady part.

How to take care of your body

Pamper yourself

Like what was mentioned earlier, the menopausal stage can bring stress and affect your mood. So, to keep the stress out of your mind, you should pamper yourself. You can go to the salon once in a while and get a new hairdo, have your nails done, get a massage or a foot spa.


Another way to relieve stress is to exercise regularly. You can do a light workout, or you can also start practicing yoga as it is quite relaxing. You can go for aerobic exercises too which are good for your overall health.

To help you take care of your vaginal health, practice Kegel exercises every day. This type of workout will strengthen your vaginal walls and muscles.

Eat healthy foods

hgdhg64Fruits and vegetables are a must for everyone since they are rich in nutrients. You also need to make sure that you visit your doctor on a regular basis and use supplements if needed.


Reasons You May Need Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps people of all ages facing illnesses, injuries and those having medical conditions which tend to limit them to function and move. It tries to return individuals or people to the prior level of functioning they were before and also helps in preventing more injuries.In this article, we are going to be looking at reasons you may need physical therapy.

Preventing Surgery

Physical therapy eliminates Pain elimination and injuries. All costs avoid surgery, and if the need arises for surgery to take place, you’ll find yourself stronger and in a better shape when facing it. Faster recovery after surgery is one of the fruits if one does physical therapy.

Stroke Recovery

dgvgvsgStroke tends to weaken and kill some certain functionality of body parts. Considering physical therapy, a stroke patient will have the reduced body parts improve gradually and become stronger as they continue with the therapy. The stroke patient’s ability to move around and also roll in bed can also be enhanced with the physical therapy. Physical therapy tends to increase patient’s level of independence.

Issues Regarding Ages Are Addressed

As one grows older, he/she is likely to be exposed to diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis. He/she may also find themselves in need of replacing some joints. Physical therapy recovers issues like replacing of joints. Osteoporosis and arthritis conditions are also not left as they tend to be managed.

Helps In Managing Lung Disease And The Heart

Failure of the ventricles of the heart to contract brings about heart attack. This causes a patient to undergo cardiac rehabilitation. Upon completion, if the daily functioning of the heart is affected, a patient should receive physical therapy. Clearing of patients lung fluids, breathing exercises can also be solved by physical therapy thus improving the person’s quality of life.

Addresses Issues Related To Sports

Long distance athletes are often faced with stress fractures while practising their sport. Appropriate prevention exercises and recovery programs can be designed by a physical therapist to make sure the athlete successfully return to sports.

Increases Of Staminafhdbhdb

Physical therapy first sees you being screened for fall risk. Should you be diagnosed to have a high risk for falls, therapist commences by giving you simple exercises that see to it that you regain your motor balance and when you begin walking. In addition to that, they also help you improve your coordination. This ensures you can walk safely once more. In incidences where the vestibular system is found to be the cause of your balance problems, therapists perform quick manoeuvres to resuscitate your vestibular functioning. They also eliminate vertigo and dizziness symptoms.


Simple Skin Care Tips To Apply Often

The human skin is the largest organ in the body. When it comes to skin care, people tend to ignore its importance. A healthy body includes ensuring that your skin is kept well, remains radiant and glowing in turn giving a person confidence. Skin care does not have to be an elaborate regime requiring spending money on fancy skin products. Here are simple skin care tips that you can start.

Daily Wash Your Skinsgtstfst

It is important to wash your skin as it cleans dirt, bacteria, oil and smells that would otherwise be left causing odours. Pay attention to your face, armpits, and the groin area. You can use mildly scented soap on your face. Ensure that the soap has the soothing and moisturising components.

Moisturise Your Skin

Moisturising is a significant step in skin care. As soon as you have showered and before entirely drying yourself apply the moisturiser lotion or cream onto your skin. The moisturiser aids in hydrating the skin by holding the moisture already on the skin. Moisturising also protects and improves skin tone and texture. Endeavour to use moisturisers containing ingredients that are natural and botanical.

Ex-foliate Often

Ex-foliation is the removal of dead, dry skin cells on the skin surface. If the dead cells remain on the skin for too long, they can clog pores, create a hard, unattractive layer of skin. Hence regular ex-foliation gets rid of dead cells and reveals a soft, fresh, smooth, healthy glowing skin.

Use Sunscreens

Sunscreen use aids in protecting your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the suns both UVA and UVB. Prolonged exposure to the sun without a sunblock can harm your skin cells causing them to flake and peel. The recommended sunscreen to use is one that has a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 and above.

Healthy Lifestyle

dgvgdvdExercise regularly while making sure you sweat, this removes toxins that can clog pores, helping your skin look vibrant. Do not smoke. Tobacco is one component known to bring about the ageing of the skin. Smoking also causes dehydration of the skin and can make it look dull.

Be sure to have a well-balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Eat foods rich in vitamin c. Drink lots of water this will ensure you are hydrated if not your body will absorb the moisture from the skin and give it to the body leaving your skin dry and may cause spots and breakouts. Likewise get enough sleep this helps relax your body thus you are not tense. A relaxed body translates to healthy skin.